Monday, January 11, 2010

Paleo Monday... and not so Paleo Sunday!

Day 1! We had a great turnout on Saturday to the nutrition lecture on The Paleo Diet. This site will be updated with great recipes, tips and resources to help you on your journey to adopting a paleo lifestyle. Please feel free to add your own recipes and progress stories with other ACF followers.

Josh and I are joining in and doing the challenge right along with you guys. Pictures of my last cheat day are below. I truly do love the Chocolate cake shake from Portillo's... and I will reward myself with one in 7 weeks : ) I can honestly say though that I have a "Food Hangover" today after my last cheat day yesterday. Those cheat days will soon become a bittersweet reminder of why you chose to change your eating habits to begin with.

Rules of the Game: You MUST submit your first 2 weeks of food logs to be eligible to win. One male and one female winner will each win 3 months of free training based on two criteria: body composition changes and performance on a Benchmark CrossFit workout, "Fight Gone Bad". Body changes will be judged by the other participants and each participant will get one vote for the athlete that they feel showed the most improvement in their body composition. The performance measures will be a % increase in their FGB score. The goal of the paleo diet is to help you with both of these areas. You should feel better, look better and perform better if you choose to eat healthy REAL foods rather the processed crap that has taken over the average American diet.